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Madison Wood

Madison Wood

Madison Wood has been in business since 1959 and has continued to grow as a company with a reputation for producing the highest quality wood products available. Our 180,000 square foot facility is located in Madison, Virginia and can treat over one million board feet of lumber in a single day.

The facility reflects its commitment to manufacturing safety and has been recognized as an environmental model for the 21st century. Wood is bought solely from mills producing consistently above average wood, and those mills are re-evaluated on a systematic, ongoing basis. All lumber is stored indoors, assuring that the customer will receive a fresh product. A mold inhibitor is applied to all products. To minimize handling damage, wood is moved by conveyors and is packaged in bundles with plastic bands and protective crosspieces.


Visit our on-site Showroom so you can better compare solutions and get a true representation of size and color as well as discuss options.

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