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Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Craftsmanship and artistry are hallmarks of Kolbe products. Kolbe builds innovative windows and doors with a wide array of options.

Kolbe windows and doors begin with the finest materials. They are crafted with attention to detail and thoughtful engineering – making them a perfect choice for any home or residential project.

Years of innovation have led to products with great design flexibility. Optional accessories can be used to enhance any home – from contemporary to colonial, to rustic and more. Special wood species, unique divided lite patterns, custom shapes, and a wide variety of exterior finishes are just the beginning.

If it’s a commercial or non-residential project, Kolbe windows and doors are the perfect choice, whether it involves new construction, historic replication or restoration.

Our products start with the finest materials and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Each window and door is built-to-order and uniquely crafted to our customers’ specifications. Kolbe’s window and door products are designed to provide not only traditional design aesthetics, but also ease of operation and optimal energy efficiency.

Kolbe is known worldwide for their custom capabilities and have worked with many architects to build unique windows and doors. If your project involves historic renovation, Kolbe can replicate the most intricate detail. Kolbe will work with you to ensure that your project fulfills your dream.


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