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SCREENEZE is a patented fixed screen system made in the USA. It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric. The system uniformly stretches and secures the screen for you.

SCREENEZE can span openings up to 150 square feet (3x the norm) allowing you to design, build or remodel the porch that you dream of! SCREENEZE carries a 10-Year Warranty so that you can rest assured the product will perform as promised. SCREENEZE can be installed on the inside, outside or center of your traditional porch design. This allows you to avoid scaffolding during installation and allows for an ease of repairs. In most systems, if you get a tear in your screen, you have to take the entire system out to replace them. However, this is not the case with SCREENEZE. Simply remove the vinyl cap, replace the screen, put the vinyl cap back on and trim the excess screen.


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