About Allegheny Millwork & Lumber

Why Home Builders Recommend Allegheny Millwork & Lumber

Our reputation for quality and excellence. We carry some of the finest products available at competitive prices, and have the best and most professional staff in the business.

Our 35,000 square foot millwork facility offers custom capabilities far beyond those of a normal lumberyard. Bring your plans, no matter how challenging, and we can make it!

We stock the most complete line of custom hardwood and engineered mouldings in the Tri-State area. Over 300 different profiles to choose from... and if we don't have it, we can make it or order it!

We specialize in quality windows and doors in a vast range of styles. We can provide entire systems for your convenience.

We stock stairs, stair parts, mantels and hardwood flooring in a variety of styles. We can provide stained, urethaned mouldings, doors & components for easy installation.

Our on-site showroom allows you to touch and feel products before you buy.

We have the ability to deliver materials directly to the job site, and our sales staff can come to you to assist with your project.

Company History

Allegheny Millwork was founded to serve the needs of the restoration movement in Pittsburgh's North Side. Today there are numerous suppliers for old house mouldings, doors and other components, but in the mid 1970's dedicated sources for restoration and renovation components were not common. Our first machinery was ancient and massive: a moulding machine from 1895 and saws, shapers and sanders from old lumber yards and pattern shops. All this was installed in a building that was once a Lithuanian Social Club and, before that, a livery stable. From the very first, Allegheny Millwork produced a line of mouldings copied from originals found in the Pittsburgh area. We also stocked a large selection of standard mouldings from several suppliers.

The first moulding catalog was a loose-leaf affair; as new profiles were added, more pages were printed. Also, early on, we stocked basic lumber and hardware as well as building materials.

Commercial millwork became a large part of the business by the early 1980's and when the construction of the new approaches to the West End Bridge made it necessary to move, the present location in South Side became the home of both the shop and the lumber yard. The millwork shop moved to a new state-of-the-art facility in Lawrence, PA in 2000, leaving more space for the lumber yard to grow.

Allegheny Millwork has grown from a small specialty lumber and millworking company with a focus on quality workmanship and materials to a full-service one. We still do what we started out to do with mouldings, lumber and millwork: make or find whatever our customers need for their construction projects.